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Tom Gabel and Kevin McMahon Empty Tom Gabel and Kevin McMahon

Post  gerriedonutz on Sat Apr 25, 2009 7:38 pm

at the knitting factory in november 2008. i have been to many shows since then and they all seem to suck. this was the most amazing show ive ever been to. i think kevin lives here in NY now so he came for just this show during toms solo show. it almost felt like what an against me show felt like in 2000. Tom played a everything of crime(even burn) and the enire acoustic EP.shit stroll and a few vivida vis songs and a few other of his cassete songs.and all of the best songs of axl rose and eternal cowboy. not one new song. he even played an unrealeased song about a dream he had that bob dylan lived with him. it was amazing. that whole night i felt like it was 1999 and i was in a basement in gainsville florida.


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