Other bands from the 239(Naples) that are noteworthy

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Other bands from the 239(Naples) that are noteworthy

Post  thesunshinelive@yahoo.com on Tue Jan 13, 2009 5:32 pm

Sorry if I left any out but I'm naming the ones I think are/were pretty good.

The Tomato Division - myspace.com/thetomatodivision

Film With Color - myspace.com/filmwithcolor

Noah's Apathy - myspace.com/Noah's Apathy

Introducing the Gentlemen (a combination of local bands to form a super mega band starring hchris on keys) - myspace.com/introducingthegentlemen

The Body A Tree - myspace.com/thebodyatree

And of Course Fake Problems' side project ".Stay and Fight." all songs available free to download at - www.purevolume.com/stayandfight

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